Here’s How Long The Shutdown Could Last

A top Republican senator is predicting that the shutdown could last many months. The Washington Examiner reports:

A top Senate Republican warned Thursday the nearly two-week partial shutdown could go on for “months and months” as a resolution to the impasse between President Trump and congressional Democrats over border security grows more elusive.

Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said that he is not optimistic that a deal could be struck between the two sides, after a White House meeting Wednesday between Trump and congressional Democratic leaders. Congressional leaders are expected to meet with Trump again on Friday.

“I’m thinking we might be in for a long haul here,” Shelby told reporters at the Capitol. “I’m not optimistic now.”

Shelby added, “If we can ever get over this, I think then you’ve got another week. A new week, a new day, and so forth.” But that seems increasingly unlikely, he said. “If we don’t get over this — if this goes on for months and months, and it could, I hope not, then that might be a preview of coming attractions.”

The shutdown is do or die for Trump – if he secures wall funding, it will be a great boost to his popularity with the base, but giving up now would be a death knelt for his reelection.


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