Radical Anti-Trumpers Hope for America’s Doom

RINO rabid anti-Trumpers, including John Podhoretz and Bill Kristol (sons of famous neocons), are hoping that the collapse of the stock market a few days ago would lead to Trump’s impeachment. Breitbart reports:

Never Trumper John Podhoretz, a contributing editor for the now-defunct Never Trump magazine the Weekly Standard, tweeted on Wednesday that he wondered whether the U.S. economy tanking would lead to President Donald Trump losing enough support from Republicans in Congress that he would be removed from office.

Podhoretz is a top Never Trumper who has frequently criticized the president and attacked readers of this website, as Breitbart News has reported many times before.

To remove a sitting president via the impeachment process, a majority in the House must vote for articles of impeachment to bring charges against a president, then a two-thirds super-majority in the Senate must approve them, thereby convicting the president with 67 or more votes.

Technically speaking, with Democrats taking over the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 3 as a result of the midterm elections, to impeach President Trump they would need just a majority–which they could do with all Democrats–to pass articles of impeachment. But, to remove Trump from office, there would need to be 20 Republicans in the Senate joining together with all 47 Democrats to reach the requisite 67 vote threshold.

It’s sad when political hacks wish for the downfall of America, all so that they can remove their opponent.


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