Clueless RINO Wants To Raise Your Taxes

Jeff Flake, notorious RINO who’s been a thorn in the conservative movement, is now pushing for climate change taxes on Americans. The Daily Caller reports:

Outgoing Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake will soon co-introduce legislation to tax carbon dioxide emissions, according to news reports.

Flake, who will not be returning to Congress next year, and Delaware Sen. Chris Coon, a Democrat, will introduce their carbon tax bill as soon as Wednesday. The bill is unlikely to go anywhere with just two weeks left in the current legislative session.

Flake and Coon’s bill will be the Senate companion to bipartisan House carbon tax legislation introduced in November. The Washington Times first reported of Flake’s carbon tax bill Wednesday, and The Hill later confirmed it.

Like the House bill, Flake’s carbon tax bill would tax emissions at $15 per ton — a rate that would rise $10 per year until greenhouse gas emissions, hitting $100 per ton in 2030. All of the revenues raised through the tax will get rebated to households to compensate for higher energy costs.

Considering the huge protests that have erupted in France over climate agenda taxes, it is surprising that Flake would not see this as a problem. He will not be missed.


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