Baltimore Woman’s Answer to Gun Buybacks

A Baltimore woman turned in her old, 9mm pistol to authorities in exchange for cash. But what she promised to do with the cash is surprising. The Daily Caller reports:

One woman is planning to take advantage of Baltimore’s new gun buyback program by using the cash from the city to purchase a brand new weapon.

The Baltimore City Police Department started its gun buyback program Monday and said they were able to purchase more than 500 firearms from residents. The Police Department offered anywhere from $25 to $500 depending on the type of firearm.

One woman told FOX45 that she was planning to surrender her 9mm handgun to the buyback program, but had a unique idea of what she would do with her newly obtained cash.

“She says she is using the cash to get a bigger weapon!” Kathleen Cairns reported.

Law abiding citizens in violent cities such as Baltimore are attached to their right to self defense, and she shows how idiotic gun buyback programs are.


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