Here’s What Communist Venezuela Does To The Press

Venezuela just lost its last anti-socialist newspaper, but not due to censorship. Breitbart reports:

El Nacional, Venezuela’s last remaining nationally circulating newspaper that opposes the socialist Maduro regime, published its last print edition on Friday. The newspaper’s editors explain in the last edition that they no longer have access to enough paper to publish nationwide.

The 75-year-old newspaper stood out among the throngs of pro-government media in the country in the last decade, publishing exclusive reports depicting the gruesome realities of life in Venezuela, from lack of food to the dire state of the nation’s hospitals to the torture of political prisoners. Its regular reporting against the regime triggered a government backlash that included costly legal action and strict rations on ink and paper.

While few recent estimates of its circulation exist, El Nacional boasted an 80,000-home circulation on weekdays and 200,000-home circulation on Sundays in 2013, when dictator Nicolás Maduro took power.

The newspaper will continue to exist in its online format, the editors assured.

What socialism doesn’t kill with armed brutality, it will by creating economic catastrophes that puts companies out of business.


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