Will This Masterful Deal Fund the Wall?

DC political operatives are starting to see a grand bargain shaping over wall funding. The Washington Examiner reports:

The Washington Post’s editorial board says Democrats should be able to give Trump his $5 billion to build a border wall if Trump agrees to let more than 1 million younger illegal immigrants stay in the country.

The board said a deal is “within reach” on the wall, as long as both Trump and Democrats have the ” spinal fortitude to face down its own most rabid partisans and take it.”

“Striking a deal that achieves that outcome should be a no-brainer for both sides,” it added. “If it means a few billion dollars to construct segments of Mr. Trump’s wall, Democrats should be able to swallow that with the knowledge that it also will have paid to safeguard so many young lives, careers and hopes.”

Funding the wall is “distasteful” for Democrats, but the board said many Democrats have supported tougher border barriers in the past. The Post also rejected Nancy Pelosi’s argument that it’s immoral to build a wall.

With a new political balance emerging in 2019, a gridlocked Congress could end up pushing for a compromise, at the risk of losing support from both left and right bases.


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