Terrorist Arrested For Planned Antisemitic Attack

An Islamic terrorist was arrested for planning a mass shooting against Jews in a synagogue. PJ Media reports:

On Monday, the FBI announced that it had arrested 21-year-old Damon Joseph for planning multiple mass shootings at synagogues in the Toledo, Ohio, area. Joseph had reportedly been inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS) and announced his intention to target Jews on the Sabbath. He had also expressed hatred for gays, Christians, Catholics, and Jews.

Joseph was arrested on Friday after purchasing two AR-15 rifles and openly announcing his plans to kill many people, including a rabbi, the Times of Israelreported. According to an affidavit filed in the U.S. District Court in Toledo, Joseph said he was inspired by the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Pa., in October, which killed 11.

Earlier this month, Joseph told an undercover FBI agent that the Tree of Life victims “got what was coming to them,” that Jews were evil, and that he was targeting synagogues in the Toledo area to carry out a mass shooting in the name of ISIS.

“I admire what the guy did with the shooting actually,” Joseph wrote to an FBI agent. “I can see myself carrying out this type of operation inshallah. They wouldn’t even expect [an attack] in my area.”

Thank goodness that federal law enforcement were able to apprehend the suspect because such a foul attack took place.


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