Dems Hypocrisy in Sexual Harrassment Claims

Democrats have been attempting to bury sexual harassment payments. in Congress. The Daily Caller reports:

WASHINGTON—Democratic lawmakers avoided any comparison of former President Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s claims of then-candidate Trump directing him to quiet a woman he had an affair with through a hush money payment to Congress’s sexual harassment settlements of former capitol hill staffers.

“They’re totally unrelated,” California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier told The Daily Caller on Wednesday. She later explained, “One was to impact an election and the other was bad behavior within Congress.”

In the wake of Cohen’s sentencing for several charges, including tax evasion, making a false statement to a bank and lying to Congress, House and Senate lawmakers reached a deal Wednesday to change congressional rules on sexual harassment on capitol hill.

The House legislation, which makes members legally responsible for all settlements, and the Senate bill, which limited how much members would have to pay from their own bank accounts, came together.

In a way, this is much worse, as payments in Congress are made to victims of sexual harassment and assault, not consensual extra-marital affairs that would not lead to legal charges.


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