Will Macron’s New Policies Calm The Violence In France?

Macron has announced wide tax relief on French workers, but also a raise in the minimum wage. The Daily Wire reports:

French President Emmanuel Macron broke his silence on Monday after weeks-long violent protests broke out in the European nation, initially over a massive fuel tax. Macron, a hero to the American Left, pleaded with the demonstrators, who call themselves the “yellow vests,” to cease protesting and offered major tax cuts in concession. He also promised to use “all means” necessary to restore order.

“I take my share of responsibility for the anger gripping France,” Macron offered in a pre-recorded address to the French people at the Elysee Palace. “I might have hurt people with my words.”

Earlier this month, Macron suspended the much-protested fuel tax for six months as a form of appeasement; when that wasn’t enough, he backed off the tax entirely. “France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe confirmed to lawmakers that the tax will not be included in the 2019 budget,” reported The Daily Wire.

Although Macron’s tax plan and raised minimum wage could end up restarting growth, it will blow up the deficit, further weakening the European Union’s plans for financial austerity.


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