Russia Deploys Massive Weapon on America’s Doorstep

Russia is deploying a fleet of bombers to Venezuela. The Free Beacon reports:

Russia is deploying nuclear-capable Tu-160 Blackjack bombers to Venezuela this week as part of an increasingly provocative pattern of bomber training flights, according to American defense officials.

At least two Blackjacks will fly from a strategic forces air base in Russia to Venezuela as part of a series of training exercises that will include long-range refueling, said officials familiar with Russian plans for the flight.

The bomber foray to South America will be Russia’s seventh training flight for Blackjack bombers in the past three months.

Mark Schneider, a former Pentagon official and specialist on the Russian military, said Tu-160 flights are unusual and increasing.

These bombers cannot be effectively used against Maduro’s anti-socialist opponents in the country, but it could be a deterrent against the growing pro-America and pro-Trump leaders that have been elected in Latin America, such as Bolsonaro in Brazil. In the face of a collapsing society in Venezuela, both Maduro and Russia are fearful of military actions that could be taken by the United States, Brazil and Columbia to overthrow the Marxist despot.


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