Fox Boycotts Social Media Giant for This Reason

Since November 8th, Fox News has been completely silent on Twitter. Though it has not acknowledged it publicly, it is believed that Fox is conducting a “Twitter strike” in protest of Twitter not removing Tucker Carlson’s personal information posted maliciously by left-wing “doxxers”.  The Washington Examiner reports:

Fox News hasn’t tweeted since Nov. 8 — a whole month — leaving 18.3 million followers in the dark over why.

Along with their associated Twitter accounts like Fox News Poll, Fox News Politics, and Fox Business, the company seems to have put a Twitter boycott in place, but haven’t released any explanation as to why or put out any demands for change that would lead to their return.

The accounts have remained silent despite big world events such as the death of former President George H. W. Bush and the G-20 summit.

Fox News’ refusal to use the social media platform coincides with the doxing of host Tucker Carlson’s address on it and a large group of Antifa protesters showing up at Carlson’s home in early November. This is the suspected reason for the conservative-leaning cable news network choosing to avoid Twitter, but they continue to not confirm for certain.

Twitter’s continuous attack on conservatives has not gone unnoticed, and this could be another piece of evidence in the case that many on the left and right are building to turn social media websites into “public utilities”.


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