Macron Desperately Clings to Power

Macron has revised his carbon tax increase again, delaying it a whole 6 months, though scrapping it entirely would not be out of the question. The Daily Caller reports:

Environmentalists at COP24, a United Nations climate conference in Katowice, Poland, are worried that France is setting a bad example by backing off a climate tax after hundreds of thousands protested.

French President Emmanuel Macron postponed a gas tax hike Tuesday for six months after the proposal ignited protests that have lasted over two weeks. The protesters, known as “yellow vests” after the yellow traffic vests they wear, have built roadblocks across France and marched in peaceful demonstrations. Others have rioted against the government in Paris, damaging artwork, setting fires and tipping over cars.

“If France is putting a brake on the carbon tax, it puts a brake on energy transition and sends a very bad signal to economies that rely on coal, on fossil fuels, and shows that every nation is just slowing down,” Pierre Cannet, head of climate and energy policy at World Wildlife Fund France, told Politico.

France’s decision sets the country up for more severe riots later on after more people begin to feel the impact of climate change, environmentalists say.

This is a serious test to his presidency, where he is now being pummeled from all sides of the political spectrum for his new taxes on the one hand and his willingness (though under duress) to compromise from the left.