Macron Folds

Macron’s government has agreed to suspend the gas tax hike in the face of major uprisings around France. The Daily Caller reports:

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced Tuesday that the government is suspending a gas tax that roiled the country in widespread violence and chaos.

The government proposed a slew of new carbon taxes designed to wean consumers off fossil fuels and transfer to electric cars. The price hikes, however, triggered a wave of unrest unseen in recent decades.

Tuesday’s announcement represents a major reversal for President Emmanuel Macron’ government, which initially stood its ground. Critics are accusing the president of being out of touch with the plight of normal French citizens.

French riot police closed popular tourist areas and fired tear gas as they tried to quell the chaos in the streets. At least 110 people were injured while protesters associated with the grassroots-driven demonstrations clashed with authorities and vandalized the Arc de Triomphe.

This might quell some protesters, but many other groups have now joined in to protests, including communists fighting for an increase in government funding.


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