Here’s How This Man Is Protesting His Government

A man from Westford, VT, has sculpted a giant middle finger on his property, prompting curiosity from the townsfolk. WCAX 3 reports:

WESTFORD, Vt. (WCAX) Steps from Route 128 in Westford a towering sculpture stands. We can’t show you it but people in town can tell you what they see when they drive by.

“It’s a big middle finger. Really high above the tree line,” said Deanna Wilcox of Fairfax.

“It’s a big hand with a fist with one finger lifted up in an expression that we all know what it means,” said Mark Sustic of Fletcher.

And while we all know what the expression means, most people we spoke with wanted to know why it was put there.

The middle finger is pointed straight at the town hall, in a protest towards the local government officials. It certainly is a creative way to protest your government.


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