Chuck Norris Makes A New Friend

Chuck Norris recently went on a trip to Hungary, where he met with the conservative leader Viktor Orban. Euronews reports:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris of how liberals “hate” him like US President Donald Trump, and described himself as a “street fighter” in a video posted to the leader’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

Orbán spoke of his humble upbringing in a small village as he drove Norris to view a counter-terrorism training operation.

“You know I’m a street fighter basically. I’m not coming from the elite. I’m coming from a small village 40 kilometres from here,” Orbán said.

Norris, well known for starring alongside Bruce Lee in martial arts films, compared the Hungarian leader to his own president after Orbán discussed commentary of his leadership.

Norris was impressed with the martial demonstrations of anti-terrorist police there. Here’s hoping that this will cement closer ties between the United States and Hungary.


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