Bad News for Troops At The Border

Troops on the border just received some bad news for the holidays. The Washington Examiner reports:

Troops could spend the holidays deployed to the border instead of heading home by mid-December .

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is reviewing a request Friday from the Department of Homeland Security to extend the deployment of U.S. troops at the Mexico border until the end of January.

The secretary has not yet approved the request, according to the Pentagon, but it will likely mean thousands of troops will spend the holidays assisting Customs and Border Patrol agents as caravans of migrants arrive.

The mission was slated to end on Dec. 15, and the 5,900 active-duty troops were to return home after being ordered by President Trump to shore up the border against an “invasion” of migrants fleeing Central America, many seeking asylum in the U.S.

This is a sad outcome, but troops continue to protect Americans around the world without coming home for the holidays. This is just another instance of their sacrifice for our freedoms.


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