White Liberals Exposed for Hypocrisy

A Yale study has revealed that white liberals change their speech patterns when talking to racial minorities. The Daily Wire reports:

Two researchers from Yale and Princeton Universities found that over a 25-year period, white Democratic political candidates patronized minorities by dumbing down their language so as to appear more approachable. They also tested whites who were not politicians to see if that also held true for them, and found that again, leftists dumbed down their language, while conservatives did not.

Yale Insights reports that Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, and her co-author, Susan Fiske of Princeton University, wanted to know how whites interacted with minorities. Dupree stated, “There’s less work that explores how well-intentioned whites try to get along with racial minorities. We wanted to know their strategies for increasing connections between members of different social groups—and how effective these strategies are.”

First, the researchers examined the words used in 74 different campaign speeches delivered by Democratic and Republican presidential candidates over a 25-year-period. Around half of the speeches were delivered to mostly minority audiences; those speeches were compared to a speech to a mostly-white audience. Two elements of the speech were analyzed: words related to competence and words related to warmth.

The results showed Democratic candidates used fewer competence-related words speaking to minorities than when speaking to white audiences. Republican candidates did not change their discourse. Dupree commented, “It was really surprising to see that for nearly three decades, Democratic presidential candidates have been engaging in this predicted behavior.”

The fact that liberals retain racial bias, and speak to minorities as if they were children, shows a bigotry of low expectations and a refusal to see minorities as fellow equal Americans.


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