Trump’s Shocking Idea To Destroy CNN

President Trump has proposed an idea to unseat CNN from its influence overseas – state-funded TV. Fox News reports:

President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon proposed the creation of a new, United States-funded television network to compete with CNN globally.

“While CNN doesn’t do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the U.S. they have very little competition,” Trump tweeted. “Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair…. and false way. Something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT!”

The president has had a rocky relationship with the network and recently revoked the hard press pass of CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. A federal judge later ruled in favor of the network, after CNN filed a federal lawsuit, and Acosta regained access to the White House.

Acosta’s press pass was suspended earlier this month after he engaged in a contentious back-and-forth with President Trump during a press conference. Acosta refused to pass the microphone to a female White House aide and there was brief contact between the two. Later in the day, the White House revoked Acosta’s credential.

Although finding a competitor to unseat CNN’s fake news overseas is a laudable goal, a state channel would end up being controlled by Democrats if they get back in power. This would be a dangerous solution to a minor problem.


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