MASSIVE Tax Revolt Over Paris Climate Deal

French people are up in arms over the latest gas tax increase, instituted as part of the Paris Climate Deal. The Washington Examiner reports:

In France all hell is breaking loose. Parisians, who live in the city of the climate accords that were supposed to save us all, are rioting. More than a quarter million protesters have taken to the streets to revolt against a rising fuel tax amid France’s already exorbitant taxes.

Nearly half of France’s gross domestic product is already eaten up by taxation. You might think that that frog has already been boiled, yet this environmentally inspired carbon tax proves otherwise. It is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Police deployed over 5,000 tear gas grenades and water cannons against the protesters, who donned yellow jackets for the second weekend in a row.

As a recently released report from the U.S. government demonstrates, climate change does not only have the capacity to destroy the planet in the long term but also to wreck our economy. It’s a pressing and significant issue that both the country and the world will have to grapple with before it becomes catastrophic.

Already overly taxed, the French people are rising up as they did in 1789 when taxes were also crushing them. The questions is, will what comes after finally usher in true change, or will France continue to be overly burdened by taxes?


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