Senator Jumps in Trump-Roberts Fight

Senator Grassley called out Chief Justice Roberts for his double standard when it came to criticizing Presidents. The Daily Caller reports:

GOP Senator Chuck Grassley came to President Trump’s defense on Wednesday after Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked the president for criticizing the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

“I think it’s a disgrace when every case gets filed in the 9th Circuit,” Trump said, responding to a California judge’s decision against his administration’s asylum rules. “That’s not law, that’s not what this country stands for. Every case that gets filed in the 9th Circuit, we get beaten and then we end up having to go to the Supreme Court, like the travel ban, and we won.”

Roberts responded the next day in a statement to the Associated Press. […]

Soon after, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman used Twitter to jump into the fray and remind everyone that Trump wasn’t the first president to criticize a judge with regard to a ruling — even a Supreme Court ruling.

This is important to not let Democrats get away with what they’ve done. More importantly though, President Trump’s comment on the 9th Circuit must have struck a chord, most likely because it is correct.


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