DANGEROUS Island Claims An American

An incredibly dangerous island in India claimed the life of an American, after he was specifically banned from traveling there. Fox News reports:

Visitation to North Sentinel Island is heavily restricted by the Indian government and contact with the Sentinelese tribe who lives there is illegal to protect their indigenous way of life and prevent the spread of diseases.

The tribe is amongst the first people to successfully migrate out of Africa and scientists believe they arrived in the region some 60,000 years ago, the BBC reports.

A police source told Reuters that Chau is a preacher who had visited the area in the past and had a strong desire to meet the tribe. The source also claimed Chau expressed interest in preaching to them.

Sources who spoke to AFP said Chau last Wednesday took a boat ride to the island before switching to a canoe to go ashore alone. Once he set foot there, he reportedly was “attacked by arrows but he continued walking.

This island is a den of known pure danger, and the risk that man took in going there did not pay off.


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