Schumer Is Sending Cash In This Last Senate Race

The Mississippi runoff election is the last Senate election this year. With Democrat Mike Espy trailing in the polls, Schumer is trying his hardest to narrow the Senate’s majority. The Free Beacon reports:

A super PAC linked to Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) is making a last-minute investment in Mississippi to bolster Mike Espy, the Democratic Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate, ahead of the Nov. 27 special election runoff.

Senate Majority PAC, which is run by a noted Schumer confidant and committed to boosting Democrats in the upper chamber, made its first and to-date only ad buy in Mississippi on Thursday—totaling more than $507,000, according to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

A staff member for the Schumer-aligned super PAC told the Washington Free Beacon the total expenditure would be spent on launching an ad attacking incumbent Republican senator Cindy Hyde-Smith for accepting campaign donations from the insurance industry.

The ad, which is similar in style and tone to attacks the PAC leveled against other Republican Senate candidates this election cycle, will run statewide across Mississippi’s media markets. It fails, however, to note that Espy himself has accepted more than $55,000 from individuals affiliated with the health care industry.

This last election is almost a guaranteed win for Republicans, but Democrats are desperate for a win in the Senate and will do everything in their power to secure it.


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