New Crazy Dog Trend

A new crazy trend for dog owners is bringing their dogs to “pet psychics”. The Guardian reports:

Shira Plotzker did not set out to become a pet psychic. It just sort of happened. She was sitting at home in Nyack, New York, watching the animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick on TV.

Suddenly, the dog that was talking to Fitzpatrick started talking to her. “He told me he thought it was a lot of fun to be on TV! And he was very proud of himself for doing so good.”

Realizing she had abruptly developed the ability to communicate with animals, Plotzker expanded her existing psychic business to cater to pets.

Fifteen or so years later, business is booming, Plotzker tells me. Dogs and cats make up the bulk of her clientele, but she’s spoken to snakes, horses, wolves and the elephants at Tampa zoo. She was also invited to speak to some police dogs, but, she says, the police aren’t allowed to endorse her.

This is an unexpected new phenomenon, in line with the growing amount of household income spent on pets each year.


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