Navy SEAL Congressman Takes on Crazy Dems

Newly elected GOP Congressman and Navy SEAL veteran Dan Crenshaw restored some sanity at a debate against three new Democrat Congressmen. The Free Beacon reports:

Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw (R., Texas) repeatedly challenged three newly-elected Democrats to defend their claims and tone down their rhetoric during a joint appearance on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

During the appearance, Congressman-elect Joseph Neguse (D., Colo.) claimed American democracy was imperiled. “I think we’re all working together really in the same direction trying to save our democracy, to be frank,” he said.

CBS News host Margaret Brennan asked him to expand. “Why do you say, ‘save our democracy?'” she asked.

Neguse said President Donald Trump’s administration “is undermining a lot of critical freedoms for folks in our country.” He said Americans need to “save our democracy” and our “democratic freedoms” that “have been under attack for the better part of the last two years.” Neguse, the son of Eritrean refugees, ran a progressive campaign that was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

Crenshaw, with a stellar war record, poised demeanor but fierce defense of conservative ideas, has taken the GOP by storm. He could be the leader that America needs in the next decades.


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