Soros Secret Group Plans 2020 Strategy

George Soros’ group of liberals millionaires and billionaires has met in secret in an effort to draw up their plan for 2020. Free Beacon reports:

A secretive dark money network comprised of powerful liberal donors who help set the Democratic agenda descended on Washington, D.C., to begin plotting strategy for the next two years leading up to the 2020 elections.

The Democracy Alliance, a donors’ club of liberal millionaires and billionaires that counts George Soros as a member, gathered just blocks away from the White House at the Capital Hilton hotel for the group’s fall investment conference to discuss post-midterm election strategy, according to a conference agenda obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

“Two years ago, on the day after Donald Trump’s surprise victory, we threw out the planned agenda for that year’s upcoming conference and got to work with colleagues and allies trying to understand what hit us,” the agenda reads. “Now we meet at a different moment—still with much work to do, but with the wind at our backs.”

“Everything we need to digest, review, and address cannot be covered in two days alone, which is why this conference is a starting point for the work of the next two years to build an America where everyone can participate fairly in the democratic process, that supports an economy built on inclusivity, that leads to a safe environment and healthy communities, and that is equitable and just.”

Patriots should keep watch on the developments of this important conference, as it will set the agenda for all other left wing groups that it finances.


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