Dem Coup Against Pelosi in Trouble

The Democrat coup against Pelosi seems to be faltering before it even began. The Daily Wire reports:

The new members say that their opposition to Pelosi isn’t personal but that Congress needs a fresh look.

“I have tremendous respect for everything that Leader Pelosi has been able to accomplish thus far in her very distinguished career in Congress,” Virginia Democratic Rep.-elect Abigail Spanberger told CNN. “But I do think it is time, as we have such an incredible level of divisiveness in our political rhetoric and discussions. We need new leaders in the conversations.”

It’s true that Pelosi has some strikes against her: she’s been in Congress for decades, represented the House when Barack Obama was president, is a lightening rod for Republican anger, is clearly aging, and it’s not apparent she’s done her job particularly well. During the Obama administration the Democratic House mostly succeeded in drawing attention to themselves, but drafted few successful bills. Pelosi’s job as House Leader is also to ensure that Democrats maintain a majority in the House — something she failed at in 2016.

Democrats seem to be hoping that given the intense pressure from newcomers to have fresh voices in Congress, Nancy Pelosi will simply step aside and allow someone new to wield the gavel, but there’s no way that’s happening. Pelosi has planned for her comeback since being ousted and has already set the Democrats’ legislative agenda for 2019.

Several veteran congressmen have also announced their opposition to Pelosi in an open letter, but their numbers do not even reach 20. Odds are that they will be significantly ostracized from meaningful committee positions once the new Congress is seated.


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