This Man Made A Huge Mistake In California

This man in California just made the best case for banks by not trusting them. Fox News reports:

An Australian director has been left with only a few dollars and the clothes on his back after a wildfire in southern California burned down his home and the safe where he kept his life savings.

Neil Johnson and Tracey Birdsall evacuated their home last week as the Woolsey fire closed in on their Malibu estate. The fire eventually burned thousands of acres, including the couple’s home.

“Everything in there is dust now. The heat literally destroyed everything,” Johnson told Seven News.

The science fiction director said he and Birdsall collected sci-fi memorabilia from sets around the world and stored it in their home. The “Evolution War” director said those items, and all the cash he kept in his safe, were destroyed.

If you don’t trust banks, why would you trust paper currency anyway?


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