It Looks Like This Will Be Florida’s New Senator

It looks like Rick Scott will be Florida’s next Senator, based on the recounts occurring in Broward county. The Daily Wire reports:

According to reports from Broward County, after election officials failed to submit the results of the machine recount in time — which showed Republicans’ vote margins increasing — thus nullifying them, they managed to get through the hand recount much more quickly than Democrats hoped they would.

Mother Jones’ Pema Levy, who has been tracking the developments in Broward and Palm Beach, reported Friday that the hand recount had already wrapped up, and incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson “didn’t come close” to making up the votes he needed to try to catch up with Republican Rick Scott.

“The hand recount in Broward is over for the Senate race,” Levy tweeted. “It was a blur it went so fast. Looks like Nelson didn’t come close to making up the ground he needs.”

In a piece for Mother Jones, Levy gave some more details on Nelson’s rapidly fading hopes of winning re-election in what had quickly become apparent was going to be a “bad day” for Democrats. “As the hand recount in Florida’s contentious Senate election got underway in Broward County, it quickly became clear that Democrats were headed for a bad day,” she wrote. “This is the county where incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson needed to net thousands of new votes on Friday. But minutes into the recount, that became unlikely.”

This makes the fourth Dem Senate seat to flip to GOP hands, vastly increasing the GOP’s Senate lead.


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