Fourth Reich? Europe’s Super-Army Plan

The European Union, backed by the two top leaders of France and Germany, have announced a renewed push to form a standalone European Army capable of standing up to foreign powers, including the United States. The Daily Caller reports:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday the European Union should stand up an independent military force, backing a proposal floated by French President Emmanuel Macron earlier in November.

In a speech to EU ministers in Strasbourg, France, Merkel said recent events have proven that Europe needs an army of its own.

“What is really important, if we look at the developments of the past year, is that we have to work on a vision of one day creating a real, true European army,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

The reference to “developments of the past year” appeared to refer to President Donald Trump, who has on several occasions denounced European nations for what he sees as insufficient contributions to the U.S.-led NATO security alliance. Merkel also called for defense policy to be coordinated through a new European Security Council that would work with, but be independent from, NATO.

A European super-state has always been a geopolitical threat to America, and Macron’s recent open hostility to America will only stoke fears in the nation. Why should America keep its forces in Europe, at great expense and danger, so that Europe can abuse its greatest ally?


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