Is Your American Flag Made in America?

A Chinese scam has been exposed for selling U.S. flags made in Chain, but labeled as made in America. The Daily Caller reports:

Prominent sellers of American flags are peddling U.S. flags that are made in China while misrepresenting and mislabeling their wares, according to laboratory test results and other research.

A trade association said the flags are being sold illegally and has requested the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launch an investigation.

Take VSVO Flag Company, whose website says, “We believe in selling only the highest quality American made flags … Many of our best customers are military men.” It encourages Americans to “support our troops” by buying from the company.

“The inspiration behind our flag company is my father,” its Amazon listing says. “He is a veteran and growing up as a child I looked up at him with pride for what he did for our country. I created this company to honor him and, people like him who love and serve their country.”

This is shocking and disrespectful to all Americans. Will there be consequences?