Jeff Sessions’ Next Move?

Rumors are flying that Jeff Sessions could consider running for his old senate seat, challenging Democrat Doug Jones who won against Roy Moore in the special election. Fox News reports:

Jeff Sessions, ousted as President Trump’s attorney general this week, is contemplating a run for his old Alabama Senate seat in 2020 against Democratic Sen. Doug Jones — though those who know Sessions aren’t convinced he will ultimately pull the trigger on another campaign.

A source close to former attorney general told Fox News that Sessions is “considering it but his mind isn’t made up.” That person added that Sessions, known for his stances on illegal immigration and trade, “was advocating for the Trump agenda back when it was called the Sessions agenda.”

Others, though, don’t see Sen. Sessions 2.0 actually happening.

“He should spend his time being the devoted husband, father, and grandfather we know he is,” said Garrett Murch, a former Sessions Senate aide.

Regardless of Sessions’ future plans, his strong stance against illegal immigration leaves large shoes to fill for his permanent successor.


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