Did The Election Wipe Out RINOs?

The 2018 election, although a loss for Republicans in the House, has purged many members who were pro-amnesty, strengthening the GOP block as firm defenders of the rule of law and securing the Southern border. The Free Beacon reports:

When the 116th Congress convenes next January, it will be without the majority of the Republican supporters of the Gang of Eight’s ill-fated immigration plan, signaling a transformation in how left, right, and America in general deal with the issue.

Just 6 of the original 14 Republicans who backed the proposal will return to Congress—and most of these have moved significantly away from their 2013 centrism to being more unambiguously aligned with President Donald Trump. On the left, meanwhile, the bill’s original authors all remain, as the Democratic Party grows ever more radical on border issues.


Of the 14 Republicans who broke ranks to back the Gang of Eight bill, just 6 remain. Two—senators Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) and Mark Kirk (Ill.)—lost reelection in 2016. Sen. Dean Heller (Nev.), whom immigration restrictionist group NumbersUSA gave a lifetime C ranking on his immigration votes, failed to win his reelection bid on Tuesday.

Another crop of three are all officially retiring at the end of this term. Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah) has been a staunch ally of Trump (his successor, Senator-elect Mitt Romney, has been vocally critical). But the other two—senators Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.)—have often been at loggerheads with the president. Flake in fact cited disagreement with Arizona Republicans on the issue of immigration as a reason for his retirement.

This is a huge defeat for RINOs, who will be an endangered species now more than ever.


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