Here’s the Breakdown of the Midterms

Confused by all the different results coming in? This puts the results in perspective. The Free Beacon reports:

With most of the 2018 midterm election results in, Republicans are poised to keep the Senate and Democrats will take the House of Representatives.

Republicans performed strongly against Democratic Senate incumbents running in red states, unseating Sen. Joe Donnelly Indiana, Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota. Republicans also managed to hold onto its seat in Texas, where Democrat Robert Francis O’Rourke raised nearly $40 million in his effort to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz, and Democrat Phil Bredesen failed to defeat Republican Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee.

Democratic incumbents did manage to hold on, however, in Wisconsin and West Virginia, with senators Tammy Baldwin and Joe Manchin coming out victorious in states Republicans won in 2016.

While Republicans failed to keep the House, they did have some good outcomes in crucial races. Republican Denver Riggleman beat Leslie Cockburn in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District. Brian Mast also pulled out a crucial win over Democrat Lauren Baer. Rep. Andy Barr won reelection against Amy McGrath in Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District.

Ultimately, this is a mixed bag for both parties. The Republicans lost the House, but gained in the Senate. Democrats finally have seized control of a part of a branch of the government, but it won’t be enough by itself to stop the President’s agenda.


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