Here’s What Democrats Will Do If They Do If They Win

Democrats have unveiled their proposed tax hikes in the face of . The Washington Examiner reports:

A top free market advocate who was key in drawing up the 2017 GOP tax cut is warning Tuesday that a majority Democratic House will move to raise at least five taxes that will sock individual Americans, corporations, and heirs of the dead.

“Democrats are already measuring the drapes and your wallet. Vote as if your tax burden and your neighbor’s job depended on it,” Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, told supporters in a memo.

He said that congressional sources and the media believe that Democrats want a tax increase on personal income, business income, guns, death and energy

“Democrats are already plotting to raise your taxes,” he said.

Democrats want to raise taxes on guns, gas, income and corporations. If Americans don’t want that, they’ll have to show Democrats at the polls.


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