Are Rogue Cops Suppressing Black GOP Votes?

Black Republicans in Missouri are reporting that rogue police officers are preventing them from canvassing neighborhoods, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment. The Daily Wire reports:

A cadre of black Republican canvassers in Missouri has alleged that police have been preventing them from campaigning against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

According to LifeNews, Ryan Rhodes, leader of C3 PAC, told reporters on Monday that cops have harassed them in their door-to-door campaign to elect Attorney General Josh Hawley to the United States Senate, unseating two-term Democrat Claire McCaskill.

“We’ve had cops coming up to these kids, harassing them, telling them they cannot go door-to-door or they will be arrested,” Rhodes said. “[The cops] know what [our canvassers] are doing. We’ve told them what they’re doing. The cops have been basically threatening these kids with arrest if they continue doing it.”

Missouri currently remains a swing state in Tuesday’s election, with polls showing McCaskill and Hawley in an even tie, or Hawley with a small lead.

This is disturbing for many reasons. Would these police officers approach white Democrats canvassing for McCaskill the same way?


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