Paul Ryan Goes All Out To Save the House

Paul Ryan has gone all out in to save the GOP majority in the house. The Washington Examiner reports:

A top GOP super PAC supported by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., made a last ditch effort in their bid to keep hold of the House over the weekend.

According to a memo from Congressional Leadership Fund executive director Corry Bliss to donors, the group made 1 million voter contacts in 40 battleground congressional districts. In total this cycle, CLF’s national field program has made 35 million voter contacts.

“CLF has been working for a year and a half to combat unprecedented Democratic spending and enthusiasm with the only House-focused field program in the country, focusing on GOTV efforts to increase Republican turnout,” Bliss wrote in the memo obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“The 20 races that will decide the majority remain too close to call, and CLF is fighting district-by-district to ensure Republicans keep the House,” Bliss wrote.

The focus on turnout will be critical for House Republicans, as many polls and reports show Democrats are highly enthusiastic to vote in the midterms.


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