Oprah’s Shocking Comments

Oprah Winfrey headlined a rally for the Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate. In her speech, she floated the idea that Republicans were dishonoring African-American victims of Segregation. Breitbart reports:

In a Thursday speech in the Republican-leaning suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Oprah Winfrey urged voters to make history by backing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in next week’s election, saying she refuses to allow the sacrifices of those who were “lynched” and “oppressed” to be “in vain.”

Abrams is locked in a tight race with her Republican rival, Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp, as she tries to become the nation’s first black female governor.

Oprah Winfrey praised Abrams as a “change-maker” who represents the values of all Georgians. The talk show icon, who rarely makes political endorsements, drew cheers when she said she’s a registered independent who was not in Georgia at anyone’s request.

“I paid to come here myself, and I approved this message,” Winfrey said, explaining that she tracked down Abrams’ cell phone number and called her to say she wanted to offer assistance in the final days of the campaign.

This fear mongering by out of touch, out of state, TV stars is outrageous in this day and age, and should not be rewarded.


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