Soros’ Influence Reaches New Heights

George Soros has surpassed his previous record of money spent on meddling in elections. The Free Beacon reports:

Liberal billionaire George Soros has eclipsed a personal record amount on lobbying throughout the first three quarters of the year and has already spent $4 million more than he did throughout the entirety of last year—his previous yearly record—disclosure forms show.

The Open Society Policy Center, the financier’s Washington, D.C.-based 501(c)(4) nonprofit that focuses on domestic and international advocacy efforts, has ramped up its lobbying efforts since President Trump took office.

The policy center spent a combined $19.1 million lobbying between 2002 to 2012, an average of just $1.9 million per year. Soros’s firm slowly began increasing its lobbying the next few years, hitting $12.4 million in 2014. The amounts dipped down the following two years to $8,160,000 (2015) and $5,460,000 (2016). However, the firm’s expenditures shot up to $16.2 million during Trump’s first year in office, a personal record amount for any given year.

“We make different grants each year depending on what is happening in Congress and there was a lot going on in 2017: Protecting immigrants and refugees, preserving fairness in the tax code, advocating for criminal justice reform, pressing for disaster relief for Puerto Rico, and promoting a progressive U.S. foreign policy,” Jonathan Kaplan, a spokesman for the Open Society Policy Center, previously told the Washington Free Beacon on last year’s record amount.

Soros will stop at nothing in his attempt to turn America into a Socialist country.


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