China’s Shocking New Law

This move by China to legalize the trade of Rhino and Tiger products has animal rights activist’s heads on fire. Many calling the move the end of the species as concerns over poaching grow following the new ruling. As the New York Post is reporting:

China says it will allow trading in products made from endangered tigers and rhinos under “special circumstances,” reversing a previous ban and bringing condemnation from conservation groups.

A notice from the Cabinet issued Monday avoided mentioning any change in the law, saying instead that it would “control” the trade and that rhino horns and tiger bones could only be obtained from farmed animals for use in “medical research or in healing.”

“Under the special circumstances, regulation on the sales and use of these products will be strengthened, and any related actions will be authorized, and the trade volume will be strictly controlled,” the statement said.

Considering that these have been a stable in traditional Chinese medicine for years, do you support the move? Share this article and let us know.


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