Trump Ally Scores Big Win

The Brazilian right-wing candidate, whose eagerness to fight has been compared to Donald Trump, has won handily the election. The Daily Wire reports:

The controversial right-wing presidential candidate nicknamed “Trump of the Tropics,” Jair Bolsonaro, easily won Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, beating his Workers Party opponent Fernando Haddad by over ten points.

Bolsonaro, who has run on fighting government corruption and cracking down on crime, and whose populist and often incendiary rhetoric has brought comparisons to Trump’s presidential campaign, declared victory Sunday night. In his acceptance speech, he made clear again that his government would reject the failed socialist policies of the leftist regimes that ran the country for over a decade, before being ousted two years ago amid a crippling recession.

“We cannot continue flirting with communism,” the 63-year-old former army captain said in his acceptance speech, Reuters reports. “We are going to change the destiny of Brazil.”

Along with his rejection of socialist policies and condemnation of political corruption, Bolsonaro’s message has focused on cracking down on crime by empowering law enforcement and encouraging gun ownership for citizens to defend themselves.

This is a huge win for conservative ideas in Latin America. As the dominant country in the region, Brazil will be able to spearhead economic reform throughout Latin America and will prove a firm ally to Trump against encroaching enemies such as Russia and China.


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