Dem Hides Prior Arrest

The Democrat candidate for South Carolina governor has refused to explain the circumstances under which he was arrested. The Daily Caller reports:

South Carolina’s Democratic nominee for governor, James Smith, was arrested for simple assault and trespassing in 2000 under circumstances he declined to explain.

Records obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show that on Aug. 31, 2000, Smith was arrested in Columbia, South Carolina, at 1720 Main Street Suite 304, a lawyer’s office. Smith was 32 years old at the time.

“It was dismissed because the accusation was completely, 100 percent false. … It was so obviously false that the judge ordered all records of the case to be expunged,” campaign spokesman Brad Warthen told TheDCNF.

He would not say who the complainant was or why he or she made a false allegation. He also would not say what the basis for the trespassing was.

Is it too much to ask for candidates to explain serious events in the public record?


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