Black Conservative Delivers Big Criticism Against Dems

Black conservative and GOP candidate John James has unleashed stunning criticism to Democrats for their abandonment of black Americans. The Washington Examiner reports:

Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James charged in a new campaign ad Friday morning that Democrats don’t value black voters, and only want to keep blacks dependent on the government so they can stay in power.

“The Democratic business model is reliant upon keeping black folks dependent on the government,” James said in the ad. “Countless people have died for our right to think and to vote for ourselves, yet Democratic leadership asks us to outsource our voice on a straight-ticket ballot to a godless party that neither represents our values nor our economic best interests.”

“We’ve marched from Selma to New York, we’ve rebelled from Watts to Detroit, and ain’t nothing changed in 50 years,” he said. “The Democratic Party leadership cares more about the black vote than the black people. And it’s time to wake up.”

James, a West Point graduate who served as a commander in aviation missions in Iraq, released his new ad in Detroit on the same day that former president Barack Obama is set to visit that city to campaign for Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

James is not guaranteed to win the election, but his message resonates widely with many African-Americans who are gradually supporting Trump’s economic message in this booming economy.


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