NYT’s Shocking Anti-Trump Piece

The New York Times recently published a shocking fictional work advocating for the murder of President Trump. PJ Media reports:

On the very same day the Secret Service intercepted a bomb en route to former president Barack Obama, The New York Times published a short story involving the assassination of President Donald Trump. To make matters worse, the story involves Trump being assassinated — with the help of a Secret Service agent.

As the horrific news of bomb threats broke on Wednesday, a New York Times reader tweeted at novelist Zoë Sharp, the author of the assassination fiction, saying her story brought “much needed relief!” Sharp responded, “Thanks, Polly, that was my aim in writing it.”

Sharp’s story, “How It Ends,” focuses on a Russian assassin hired to kill the president. In the fantasy, Trump’s “collusion” with Russia leads even Fox News to turn on him, with a former Trump voter saying, “They’re saying the Russkies put him up to it.”

As the assassin prepares to take the hit, he watches “the slow grind toward impeachment.”

Although violence against liberals and the media in general is a real concern, the press should not contribute to the heightened rhetoric that has already led to attacks on GOP Congressmen.


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