Red State Dem Advocates Gun Control

Claire McCaskill’s tough reelection campaign just got tougher with a recent video exposing her anti-gun agenda. Breitbart reports:

Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) staff already admitted she is open to a semiautomatic rifle ban, and on Thursday night, McCaskill made clear that she, too, is coming after gun shows.

She also called for other gun controls and maligned the NRA for standing against infringement of Second Amendment rights.

On October 16, 2018, Breitbart News reported an undercover Project Veritas video that showed McCaskill field organizer Carson Pope discussing McCaskill’s openness to a “semiautomatic rifle ban.” Other members of McCaskill’s office laughed at how the Senator was hiding the full extent of her gun control support from Missouri voters in order to get elected.

During the October 18, 2018, Senate Debate McCaskill revealed a little more about her gun control wishes by citing her desire for universal background checks, adding the No Fly list to NICS, and going after gun shows. Not one of these controls would have stopped or even hindered a single high profile shooting of recent memory. After all, almost every high profile attacker from Columbine till now acquired his or her guns via a background check. They did not get their guns via private gun sales or gun shows.

Will Missouri stand by this infringement on their Second Amendment rights?