McCaskill Drawn in Big #MeToo Scandal

McCaskill’s husband ex-wife was once accused of disturbing domestic violence. The Daily Caller reports:

Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband was accused of domestic violence by his former wife, a police report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation shows.

Joseph Shepard was accused of hitting Suzanne Shepard, his former wife, in the breast while she was recovering from breast cancer, tripping her and peeing on her. Shepard has also donated thousands of dollars to the Missouri State Democratic Committee in the past and has undergone criticism for reportedly receiving $131 million in federal subsidies since 2007, when McCaskill was elected to the U.S. Senate, according to Fox News.

“Joseph entered my home. I told him to leave. He came up to me looking angry, I put my hands up to protect my breasts as they are sore from surgery (cancer) He has hit me before in the breast. He grabbed my wrist and arm and pushed me against the wall + I hit my head + back + he bruised my arms by pinching me,” Shepard wrote in the police report from 1998, obtained by TheDCNF.

“He has tripped me, hit me before (police were called by my daughter), punched my cancer breast, peed on me, pushed me down and slapped me. He now threatens that everything I have is his and I will end up in low income hosing and he wants to take my things,” Shepard continued.

If true, this is most disgusting and depraved.


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