Fake Liberal Super PAC Exposed

A “GOP” PAC has been exposed as a liberal front. The Daily Caller reports:

Liberal billionaire Reid Hoffman is the sole funding source for a political action committee (PAC) claiming to represent Republican women alienated by President Donald Trump, Federal Election Committee (FEC) filings show.

Hoffman, a major Democratic donor best known for co-founding LinkedIn, gave $400,000 to Republican Women for Progress PAC on Sept. 27, the group’s October quarterly filings show. The PAC has not reported any other donations.

The women’s group is using Hoffman’s money to boost female Democratic candidates in Kentucky, Michigan and New Jersey in November’s midterm elections.

Republican Women for Progress PAC spent $78,000 boosting Amy McGrath’s campaign for Kentucky’s sixth congressional seat, noted the Washington Free Beacon, which first reported on Friday that Hoffman was funding the GOP women’s group.

Liberals will sink to new lows to sabotage conservatives.


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