Mueller Gets Fired Over Racism

Hilary Mueller, a woman blocking a black man from entering his own building, has been fired from her job. Fox News reports:

A white woman who was captured on video trying to block a black neighbor from entering their apartment building in Missouri has been fired.

The interaction between Hilary Brooke Mueller and D’Arreion Toles took place on Friday in St. Louis, according to The New York Times. Toles posted three videos of the encounter to his Facebook page on Sunday, writing that this is what it’s like to come home and be “a Black man in America.”

Mueller, as identified by The Times, is seen and heard asking Toles if he lives in the downtown luxury loft building. As Mueller seemingly blocks him from entering, Toles tells the woman: “You’re blocking me, and I live here.” The woman responds that it’s her building.

Mueller, who can be seen walking her dog throughout the interview, asks Toles in which unit he lives and replies that she’s “uncomfortable” while continuing to block him from entering.

This is another case of busybodies infringing on the rights of fellow citizens in the public square.


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