Guns Saves Lives: Madman Taken Down

A violent lunatic was put down by a law-abiding citizen conceal carrying after he attacked a female barista. The Daily Mail reports:

A man with a concealed carry permit took down a suspect who allegedly attacked a female barista at a Starbucks in Salt Lake City.

Benjamin Scott Overall, 37, first set off a panic alarm by an employee at 7-Eleven near the Starbucks in Millcreek on October 4 at around 6am. When police arrived at the convenience store, Overall jetted to a nearby Starbucks.

That’s where he came behind the counter and allegedly assaulted the female barista, punching her in the face, hitting her in the head with a metal basket, and then kicking her,’ according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

That barista, 24-year-old Shelby Hamilton, 24, said she thought Overall was going to kill her.

This is just one of hundreds of instances where guns are used in a defensive situation to protect life across the nation.


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