This Just Proves Why Academia is Terrible

New hoax papers are showing just how insane the leftist academia is. Breitbart reports:

A top feminist academic journal published a hoax paper about “dog rape culture” that was the product of a group of mischievous professors looking to repair the broken pieces of academia.

Breitbart News published two reports on the hoax paper before its true nature was revealed by its authors: academics Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay, and Peter Boghossian. Boghossian and Lindsay perpetrated a similar hoax in 2017 when they submitted an academic paper, “The Conceptual Penis” to various academic journals. The paper, which argued, amongst other things, that penises caused climate change, was published in an academic journal after a peer-review process.

“Much like members of a zealous church or religious cult, argument, and persuasion no longer work to convince many of these people,” Lindsay said after the “Conceptual Penis” paper was published. “While an event like this will be unlikely to stop them, it can put a significant crack in the intellectual edifice they are using to protect and promote their ultimately morally motivated beliefs.”

Breitbart News published a report in August about a “dog rape culture” study that had been published in one of the most influential women’s studies academic journals, Gender, Place, and Culture.

This is just another piece of evidence of academia’s worthlessness.


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