Foreign Influence in Elections DETECTED

A British group is attempting to influence American elections in favor of the Democrats. The Free Beacon reports:

U.K.-based activists aligned with the Labour Party are lobbying House minority leader Nancy Pelosi to support nationwide, single-payer health care across the United States.

The cofounder of Momentum, a hard-left political group born out of the election of U.K. opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, announced plans Tuesday to organize a phone bank in London, where activists will call Americans in California’s 12th Congressional District to urge them to support “Medicare for All.”

“I’m going to be hosting a phone bank next Wednesday, the 3rd, in my house in Tottenham in London and I’ll make some cakes,” Emma Rees said in a video posted to twitter by National Nurses United, the largest union of registered nurses in the United States.

Rees’s event appears to be part of a coordinated campaign across the U.K. to pressure Pelosi to back universal, single-payer health care. Several activists shared plans to host similar events during the 2018 Labour Conference in Liverpool.

Will there be repercussions against this group for its activities? Time to dump tea in the harbor it seems.


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